He has made a marriage declaration

Hi ladies!

I met this guy online and we started to talk via videochat. He's a sweetheart and it was an instantaneous feeling of something developing in that first conversation....we spoke for 3 hours straight. I can't stop thinking about him. We talk each time with great length. We live in different cities so when things get easier for travel...we plan to visit each other to spend time together.

About a week later that initial conversation, he says he wants to make the relationship work because he feels down the line he will marry me. He looked me dead in the eye with a serious face. He's been married before and divorced so I was surprised he wanted that.

I was stunned because after so many years of dating, I've never had a man say that to me. I'm not in a rush to get married but he is definetely what I am looking for.

Has this happened to you? That someone says that? And does it mean they are serious?