CNY insight please

Alyssa • 5 1/2 years of trying. 1 👼, 3 🧪. Started IVF

Who has been going to CNY.

I started my journey there 5 months ago after years of trying by ourselves. I have done my first <a href="">IUI</a> cycle this month and just got my bloodwork done for my bata. CNY does things a little different if you have been there you know they consider anything over a 2.9 positive for pregnancy (low positive). I got my information back from my bloodwork and my HCG level is 3.6 so a low positive. If you look it up not were else considers this a positive because it not a 5. This is the third time I have gotten this result the other 2 was through trigger and timed intercourse. Has anyone who has been to CNY gotton this result and had there levels go up. From what I understand if it goes up a big amount they consider it ectopic and if it only goes up a little its still a gray area. So it means to me neither options are viable right? I have been really struggling with CNY lately i feel like they treat me differently due to me being young even though I am 27 and have been trying to get pregnant for almost 6 years. Please tell me about your experience if you have any.