I don't want to live with my BF.

Our first year anniversary is on Halloween and we're supposed to be looking at apartments and homes to rent together. At first I was all for it bc this is my first love. We're both 23 and the topic was mentioned around March. Now that time has went by and I've actually had a sense of how it would be moving in together I don't want to. For one I don't trust that he wants to move in with me with the same intentions he did before. He's told me before that he and his ex only stayed together bc they'd split the rent and they didn't really care for eachother anymore. I asked him the first time it was mentioned if he was only wanting to move in with me bc it'd be cheaper and he said no. Due to covid we couldn't move so he moved into his parent's basement and I've basically been with him every day and night. He told me it would only be for a month but obviously that wasn't the case. I'm not nagging about how long we've been in the basement but I'm just ready to get my own place with our without him. We've been having more fights lately since we've been spending more time around eachother literally 24/7. It's gotten to the point where I don't want to move in with him if I don't have to. How should I bring this up to him? I was thinking about doing it later over wine while we're painting. I'm hoping he just agrees that we aren't at that point in our relationship. He's said pretty mean things to me while arguing and it replays in my head often. I want space but I know he won't allow a break in the relationship. How would you approach this? I'm thinking of staying at my moms until I figure out my living situation.