A mother’s worst night mare

I got married August 24th 2019.... My wedding anniversary is slowly approaching... We found out that we were expecting July 31st from multiple 6 day early test. I went to the doc office to confirm it as well. I had a scare Friday with spotting, however I went to the ER they ran test told me my HGC levels were fine but it was to early for them to see anything on the ultrasound so they couldn’t give me a reason for the spotting. I spotted from Thur-Sat, it stopped Sunday. Monday it progressed to a light red bleed, although it’s not feeling up a pad it’s more than spotting. All of this on my anniversary month! Lord I need your comfort now, my husband and son was so excited I feel like I failed them!!! In every prayer my son who’s 5 years old always ask for another sibling and I’m probably going to have to tell him that the baby in mommy tummy has to go back to heaven. My OB wouldn’t see me Friday or today she told me to wait until my appointment this Tuesday. That’s why I ended up going to the hospital ER. 😩💔💔💔💔😩😭😭😭