Not sure how I feel about this


So a couple months ago my boyfriend wanted to stay up on the ps4 and I was fine with it as I was going to watch TV. I ended up getting pretty tired and tried to sleep. I went into the kitchen to get water and he acted all shifty, TV was off but he leapt out of the sofa. Thought it was weird but I went back into the bedroom, and came back out a few mins later as I needed my phone charger.. he leapt up again and I was like "why are you being so shifty?" After a while he admitted he was jerking off.

I overreacted and got upset because I couldn't understand why he didn't want to come to me first or even check if I was awake. Then I felt bad because he is entitled to his privacy and to do that without me making him feel bad about it.

Yesterday he admitted to doing it again a few afternoons ago before I got back from work. Just makes me feel a bit shit like why can't he wait 30 mins for me to get home and we can have some fun together 🤷‍♀️

I'll add that I'm not against porn at all, we have watched it together a few times. But in general I'm not a fan as it just ends up making me feel insecure about my body (why can't I look like her etc etc), but I wouldn't stop him watching it. I would just prefer he does it when I'm not there or not about to come home

Honest thoughts, am I nuts?