Dealing with eating

So the title is a little odd but I’m currently 9 weeks 4 days pregnant. I have always dealt with eating disorders but I was able to get to a healthy weight and even over when I got together with my Fiancé. I feel like pregnancy has triggered my eating disorder, I was going fine until about 4 weeks and then I got really bad nausea so I stopped eating food as much and now it’s to the point where I’ll eat 1-2 apples a day and maybe a light snack and that’s all I have all day. My stomach will grumble and I get hunger pangs but I don’t get hungry anymore. But when I’m extremely hungry and then eat I get very very bad nausea.

So the issue is that I’m stuck in this cycle of starving and nausea. I babysit for my family so sometimes I won’t even notice I was hungry until I am getting ready to sleep. And I also don’t constantly think about my weight like I used to and am not forcing myself not to eat, and when I do become conscious of my weight my fiancé is very supportive of my changing body and I feel much better.

I just wanted to know if anyone has either been on the same boat or just had such bad nausea that they couldn’t eat and how you were able to get around that because I know it isn’t the best for the baby mainly as it grows. Thank you.