Me and my daughters dad


I really want to be with my daughter father.. for the past 2 weeks we have been talking and hanging out having conversations like we are best friends again.

It hasn’t been this way since we been together. But I have a feeling he is still talking to other people he still hides things from me like I feel like I don’t know everything about what’s going on and I like to know every detail and he doesn’t tell me.

But idk we haven’t been together in basically 2 years.. but sometimes I b feeling like he wants to be wit me 2.. he told me that he gets jealous sometimes but I don’t do anything for him to be jealous about so idk but him I feel like he always doing something always into something..

What do I do just keep moving how I move but I’m not waiting forever and I’m also not passing up any opportunity..

but also he says things like you lucky you don’t have to have sex with different guys that I shouldn’t because of the type of person I am idk I just like being around him I can’t help it..