Help me!!


I know this sounds really stupid but I have a thing where I don’t date younger guys. I’m 16 and when I was younger I redoubled my third grade so everyone in my class is young. So anyways, I started talking to this guy who’s friends with my classmates (who are all 15) and I thought “he’s probably gonna turn 16 soon” cause he looked like he was around 18 tbh so I assumed. Because of that, I let myself fall for him and today he and I were hanging out together and he told me he was 14 years old. My stomach dropped immediately and idk why but I just cringed for the rest of the date (thank god for my mask cause he couldn’t see me) I was so uncomfortable, even though before finding out he was 14, everything was fine! The problem is is that I kissed him before finding out when I wasn’t uncomfortable and now idk what to do. He asked me to be his girlfriend a few hours after I left (I didn’t feel good or comfortable at all so I just made up a stupid excuse and left) and I literally started crying because of how stressed I am. What should I do, please help me!!! :( I can’t think about this right now since my mother’s about to have a surgery in two days and I need to be there with her!! I feel so uncomfortable whenever I think about his age but when I forget, it’s fun. I just need a dire need of help and I’m too afraid to ask my friends and family because they don’t understand.


So honestly I realized something when he told me about his age. It made me open my eyes about the fact that I’m about to get a boyfriend and I realized that sadly, even though I want to be in a relationship, I wasn’t ready to be in one in general. Which kinda sucks because all my friends have been in one and it seems really fun. I also really need to focus in school so yeah that’s what I’m gonna do from now on :)

Thank you so much for reading all of this ❤️