Update and help


So I haven't posted since I was pregnant Carter was born on his due date after 1hour 19mins labour. He was born naturally however I was about to get prepped for a csection as both our heart rates kept dipping,I was induced by balloon catheter then broke my waters then drip. He was born a healthy 8lb.

We got home the day after and 3days later we had a emergency ambulance visit as I couldn't breathe and was really weak but thankfully I am so much better, carter is now 7 weeks.

At 3 weeks old carter was rushed to hospital he was vomiting every bottle and was just sleeping all the time you would move him and he would scream in pain. He continued to projectile vomit and no wet nappies. Turns out he hads reflux if he didnt keep anything down he was going to go on tube feeding however he kept 1oz down and we were discharged feeding him 1oz every hour and building it up with gaviscon in his bottle. He was still screaming in pain days later I was exhausted dr then gave him medicine once a day which took few days to work but hes now taking 2-4oz every 3-4hours going longer during the night. And now weighs 10lb 15.

I am really struggling to get him to nap during the day has any one got any suggestions or tips? How many naps should he have etc?