First pregency after miscarriage


Hello my name is Ashley. This is my first time seeing two pink lines since I had an early loss.

I lost my baby March of 2019 but we been ttc for over 3 years getting pregnant has not been easy for me.

I am 4 days away from af and I just got my first positive yesterday. So I'm very newly pregnant.

And I don't know weather to have my guard up to even believe that this is real.

I called my obgyn yesterday to set up my appointment but they wont see me till Sep 28th.i would be 10 weeks. And it make me nervous them not following my pregency. I should mention that I also had an ectopic pregnancy. It was awhile ago and I have had 2 boys since then. But me and hubby are always scared in early pregency..

I don't know if I should be seen sooner them 10 weeks maybe having them follow my levels.