Do I deserve better?

so my ex bf, broke up with me last night because he apparently lost feelings. I'm sorry if this is gonna get real gross or weird lmao. I just need someone to talk to because I feel so used and hurt rn. For a few weeks, things really haven't been good. It's going to be our 3 months soon so I bought him a present and now idk what to do with it. But for the last while, I knew things werent good. He called me annoying and would put me down. He would ignore me and lie to me. He went to parties after he promised me he wouldn't. He invited over girls. He told me I ddint look good. He'd call me a whore and a bitch. A few days ago, one of his friends started texting me and asked if we were still together etc. She did this lots per day. She liked him. He invited her to hang out with him while I was away. Everything seemed fine. He came over Sunday and I feel asleep on him. He kissed me and cuddled me. Ok so he tried to yk w me on Sunday but he got hard but then he'd get soft and it happened over and over again and that's never happened before. That was the night before he broke up with me. So I think he knew he made up his mind but he still tried to get some and it really hurts me. I just feel really used in general. He's going after that girl now. They like eachother. He posted on his story that he's talking to her. I love him even though he treated me like shit. I couldn't bring myself to leave him but all my friends wanted me to. Now I'm just so angry and I feel used. He's never been supportive and he broke up w me the night before I had to drive out and say my goodbyes to my grandma. Am I overreacting? I feel like I keep messing up.