We were celebrating, and then we weren’t

20+ positive tests (cause I just didn’t flipping believe it!) and we were elated and incredibly nervous to add to our family of 3. I knew in my heart we were ready and that my son would be a wonderful big brother. 5 days of plans, excitement, talks of the future. That’s all we had. I know it was early, and I know some people will say that it shouldn’t matter since it was early, but we wanted that baby so bad, and that baby was everything we prayed for. 5 weeks along, that’s all I got. I had a bright and beaming pregnancy test the morning I started bleeding.

My heart had already started to grow and love the tiny baby that was supposed to be here in April. It’s amazing how something/someone so small, that you’ve yet to meet, can bring so much happiness and then immediate sadness.

If you made it this far, thanks, I just needed to vent. ❤️