No sex from partner. Advice needed!!!!


I’m so upset my fiancé has had this issue for the last 2 years. we have been together over 3 years. He doesn’t even give me any kind of attention. I lay down by him just for him to play on his phone and not even notice me. I laid there 10 min before getting my feelings hurt and getting back up. He doesn’t even notice I’m upset he just says u gonna stay mad and leaves for work. We have broke up twice for this and every time he tells me he doesn’t have a problem and gets me to let him come back. I’m so tired of my feelings being hurt and feeling unloved I don’t want to split I just wish he would realize my needs. He has low testosterone and started taking shots and quit for a while during the corona he started back on them but I don’t think it did much good. I’m 14 weeks pregnant thinking this is it I can either be upset and lonely my hole life with him or try and move on with three kids on my own. I hate feeling rejected just because he has no sex drive. I have had conversations about it over and over even tried to set a once a week thing and nothing works. He hates even talking about it with me.