Moves more at night

Michelle 🇬🇧

My girl moves a fair bit during the day. She’s not what I’d call super active, but she does move enough all day at times here and there to let me know she’s there and ok. Most of the time it’s kinda half assed movements with no real mission lol, just like she’s bored so having a kick about. I’m 30+6 today. But at night 9/10 pm she comes aliveee!! Last night as I lay on my left side she was pushing and thudding so hard on that side. I put my hand there to feel it as I moved off it for her and omg she pushed so hard it shocked me she didn’t come through my skin. I actually went 😮 ahhh. She was moving so heavily I couldn’t get to sleep. But now it’s morning she’s beck to her average strength movements. She’s been awake kicking/moving for about an hr, but nothing like she does at night 🤷‍♀️Anyone else’s baby beat them up during the night but movements are average all day?