Stupid MFM appointment


Yesterday I had my 2nd MFM appointment and left feeling even more frustrated and totally confused

We got the all clear on Callan's heart (they weren't able to get all the views the last 3 ultrasounds) but the sonographer kept making comments about his short legs and asking if I had done the Down Syndrome screen done. I said no. She then asked how tall I was, how tall my husband is, and how long my daughter was when she was born. She then left and called the doctor who said she wasn't worried. Then the lady says that she asked the doctor if they should offer the DS screen again but said it would be pointless because he's be here by time they got the results anyway. This is my 4th anatomy scan... Absolutely nothing has been mentioned about DS at any of my other ultrasounds and I just felt like she kept suggesting it and left me confused and with no answers about this.

This was also the least in depth appointment and quickest appointment out of all of them.

I called my regular OB office and they basically said they have no reason to believe our baby will be anything but perfect from every other ultrasound I've had and that if the Dr didn't come in then I shouldn't be concerned.

The tech didn't even get good pictures either šŸ˜’