How do you get your babies to sleep?!

Cassidy • Mama to 3 little girls 💗

Okay so since my twin girls were born they have slept on the Bobby newborn lounger or in their swing. They are 3 months now and in trying to get them to sleep on their backs in their cribs. They will be sound asleep in my arms and then as soon as I put them down they both wake up and are wide awake. It a vicious cycle that seems never ended. I did this for almost 2hrs this morning. I eventually just went and got the boppy and put it in their crib and ive been watching the monitor like a hawk. They hardly move while they’re in it. But does anyone have any tips on how to get them to sleep on their backs? They play on the floor and are just as happy as can be so it’s not that they don’t like being on their backs! Pictures because they are so cute but so rotten! Also, I think I’m trying to do this while they are going through a growth spurt or sleep regression so that probably isn’t helping either 😬