Looking for advice

Hi guys 👋 I’m a SAHM to my 19 month old and currently 21 weeks pregnant. I’ve been protecting my LO and myself from the virus as much as possible, but we’re going crazy in the house. I only leave once every week or 2 to pick up groceries and my daughter doesn’t leave the house at all unless it’s for a car ride or a doctors appointment. We live in Texas and it’s so hot here right now, so we lose out on a lot of outdoor time right now also. My daughter has been extra fussy lately and I know it’s because she’s tired of being cooped up all the time. The Covid cases in our county are really going down now even though Texas as a whole isn’t doing so well. We have no family or friends where we live and my husband works a lot, so it’s mainly just her and I together everyday. Family hasn’t visited at all since this all started, so she hasn’t seen anyone since her 1st birthday, aside from FaceTime. Wondering if anyone has ideas for activities that I can do with her in the house, or activities that can be done safely somewhere else. This has really taken a toll on us and my mental health especially. I’m starting to acknowledge that I’m not doing so well and trying to find a way to fix this hole that we’re in. Just this morning I had to take my daughter to a wellness check and she was so excited to be out of the house and see other people. She’s been a terror lately and she’s been great for me all morning, so that tells me she’s tired of not getting any kind of social interaction and I don’t blame her. One thing I will mention is that she still puts everything in her mouth, which is why it’s hard to find activities that she can do. A lot of things I find online, would be bad if she put something in her mouth. I really thought she would have stopped that by now! Sorry to ramble, just trying to give you the full picture of what I’ve got going on here. Thanks for you help!