Prayers for thous who struggle with TTC!


I want to start off by saying I’m am sorry for the disappointment!

I am sorry for lost hope!

I am sorry for bank line that everyone wants to see so bad sometimes we can imagine it being there when it’s not!

I am sorry for heartbreak and heartache!

I am sorry for days, months, years of trying and it seems like it will never happen but!

“At the end of every Tunnel there is light!”

At the end of every storm there is a rainbow 🌈 “

Dear ladies I am saying a prayer for you BFP in this 2020 year! May God open up your uterus to grow a perfect miracles that will fulfill your life’s with one thing that you always wanted dreamed off and prayed for babies siblings and family!

For thous who believe they will achieve there dreams!

I know it’s hard but please don’t loose hope!

Much love to all of you wonderful ladies!

When I’m in this group this makes me so much to appreciate my 9 kids that God has gave into my life 💖💖💖