Helpp please

I don’t even know where to start but iguess I’ll start by saying I 10 days late I was feeling

(nauseous and slight cramps and having vivid dreams as well as sleeping more and having a lot or heart burn )

I took the blue dye tests and got 2 faint positive and got 1 negative with the pink dye .... I had called and made an appointment to get tested at a clinic and the morning of my appointment AF came (so obviously I had to cancel) ... it was bright red (but had NO clots) it was a lot when I wipe but only filled like half the pad it lasted 1 day the next day I was only spotting then by the 3rd day that was gone.... 2 days after it being gone I started spotting again this time light pink and brown and now that seems to have gone away again...

I’m still having vivid dreams and food aversions and some cramps when I lay

Was that really AF I’m so confused