Would you say something to the parents who did this to your kid?

Picked up my 8 year old from a friends birthday (her parents rented a hotel room and all the girls stayed there). And right as she gets into the car she asks if we can get breakfast as she’s super hungry. The bday girls mom was suppose to provide them food. I asked if she ate and she said ya half a donut but her half was smaller than everyone else’s. One of her friends took a pic and she showed it to me on snap and her piece was significantly smaller. I dropped her off Sunday morning, she ate breakfast with me and they apparently didn’t eat lunch but they bad pizza for dinner. While all the other girls were allowed second and third slices my daughter wasn’t and was denied soda. And apparently she got the smaller cut pizza too. Take a papa johns pizza slice and cut it in half, that’s the size it was. I’ll include a picture of one I can find online. So In almost a 24 hour time period she has only eaten 250 calories barely any protein and that’s rounding up.

My child isn’t super skinny but she’s on the heavier range but still within the range she should be and she’s healthy. She eats really well, will still snack but I have a thyroid condition and were waiting to hear back about hers and her dad is fit but more buff. She does soccer, tumbling, dance twice a week, and we swim together as a family. She’s active and starting school in a week. Some of the kids have made comments like you shouldn’t have that chocolate milk and even the bdays girl mom has made a comment here and there

I don’t care if you’re 600 pounds or 100, I believe you should fuel your body no matter what. Part of me wants to call this mom out to her face but my daughter really likes her “friend” but this all around is so toxic. How would you approach it?

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