Middle of the night advice


Hey fellow July mamas -

Lindy is a month old and we have been incredibly blessed with her sleeping. She has been going into a deeper sleep after her cranky hour every night about 830-930pm and sleeps until 1am-2am eats and back down until 5am-6am which is great.

My question is, she is noisy. Lots of talking. So last night she was stirring loudly about 1 so I figured she’s getting up to eat, threw a bottle in the warmer and she got quiet so I laid back down. Fell asleep and woke up to her crying at 215! Then she ate 4 oz and right back down. At 5am my husband jumped up to feed her and she ate 1 oz and fell back asleep til 7am. How do you know when to get them up? I hate waiting until she’s screaming to eat, but clearly if I had grabbed her at 1 she was not actually awake cus she did another hour.

So, how do you know when to grab them and feed them? I’ll take longer stretches all day long, and don’t want to get her up if she isn’t actually ready.

If you made it this far thanks!!!