Failed Early Glucose Tolerance


So I had gestational diabetes from 16weeks and hypertension towards the last weeks with my last child. I ended up deliver at 37 weeks because the case had gotten so severe. Postpartum, the diabetes resolved itself (I thought) and the hypertension stayed. I am now 3 years PP from my last child and because of my history my doctor had my do a 1hr glucose testing last week at 9+3 for early diagnosis.. WELLLL I failed. She is not even going forward with a 3hr test. Instead she has a set up for H-A1C testing to find out if i have diabetes outside of pregnancy and referred me to diabetes management. I am so disappointed in my body once again 😞 I really had hopes of VBAC and with the signal of early complication with my blood sugar it's not looking swell. I just pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Good news was that my 24hr urine had no protein so i am clear of any signs of preeclampsia. I just hate that it's so early and already with the diabetes. But hopefully since we know now we can manage it better! Sorry for the long post!