Is this odd?

Hubby will watch tik tok

(We been married 15 years, have 4 kids at home)

Recently he’s been saying stuff (reacting) like

If I was with a girl I wouldn’t treat her like that

If I was single I’d do that

If I was single I’d be fishing all the time

If I was with a girl I’d do that

He asked me pertaining to the girl comments what I’d do

I said my reaction would be “that’s awful he treats her that way, I’m with you I’d never do that to you or anyone”

As to his fishing comment I got pissed and said well you’re married and can go fishing like anytime you want! It’s not my fault you don’t anymore, you and xxxxx stopped hanging out.

Now he thinks I’m taking it as he wants to be single or with someone else because no one would word it the way I did and thinks I’m accusing him of shit.

Is his reactions odd?

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