New opportunity but will lose relationship

Hi friends.

So I am a new registered nurse and have been at my current job since middle of June. This job is at a small rural hospital so there is no NICU, where I eventually want to be.

I was told of an opportunity at a hospital 3 hours away from where I’m currently at. If I start in Medical/Surgical floor and work for 6 months during the pandemic then I will be first in line for an opening in the NICU. Okay, so my dream job was offered. How awesome is that? On top of that they offer a sign on bonus for 1 year commitment of $20,000. Best part? I get the whole $20,000 on my first paycheck. I was never offered a sign on at the hospital I’m currently at.

I’d have to work 3 days a week and one weekend a month. So i would be able to commute often. My boyfriend told me that if I take the job then that will be the end of our relationship because he absolutely won’t do long distance or have me traveling to another town for work.

It’s a toss up for me. I’m in a lot of debt from when he quit his job. I took out a $9,000 loan and made sure we always had groceries, rent was paid, bills were paid, paid for his motorcycle to get fixed, took us on a little trip & so much more.

I’d be able to pay that loan off plus my credit cards and essentially be debt free besides what I have left on my vehicle just to sign a one year contract and end up on my dream floor doing my dream job.

All he said was “if 20 grand is what you want instead of us and the dogs being together then sign up. I’m not stopping you”.


Had interview today. This was boyfriends response ?

Did I say something wrong?! I seriously get so flustered when he does stuff like this.