Child Endangerment Need Advice

My boyfriend’s sister has a huge heart but it’s too big.

She lets people stay with her when they have nowhere to go.

Including her friend and her friend’s 2 year old, who throws her food on the floor and breaks things... the place is infested with roaches and gnats and mice... it’s truly disgusting. She smokes weed around her kid and will even hot box a car with the toddler in there.

She asked me to babysit “for 20 minutes while I go to the X parking lot and hit a blunt” THE DAY WE MET. I was like... what? I had fun playing with your kid, she’s VERY adorable, but I don’t want to watch your baby... your baby doesn’t know me and I just don’t think that’s appropriate. Like sure I’m a woman with a long soft skirt lmao I probably look pretty harmless and I am not a weirdo so frankly I am harmless but BITCH YOU DON’T KNOW THAT. I could be a child organ harvester. And I don’t believe whatever you say you’re about to go do is what’s really happening because I just watched you smoke THREE blunts with her in your LAP. What do you mean, you’re going to smoke a blunt in the car?

I ended up saying no, I don’t know that baby.

His sister already has four kids, one is severely autistic, and they’re just living in this fucking mess.

The house guest is apparently bipolar and all kinds of bullshit (not to say bipolar disorder is bullshit but her behavior and the screaming and the cattiness towards her friend’s TEENAGED daughter is bullshit) and she has been there for 4 months when it was supposed to be 3 weeks.

I mean... I want to call CPS for real. But someone in the house is on probation and I don’t want them to go to fucking PRISON for a fucking DECADE because they’re AROUND weed... especially because they only got hemmed up with the law because they took the fucking blame for something they didn’t understand the implications of, all for fucking love. It’s just a fuckex situation.