“I need to spray you”


So i went to the optometrist today.

And before someone points it out no I don’t have COVID. I have been tested for it. I just have really bad asthma and even worse allergies. I would never go up somewhere and infect people with sickness no matter what it was. I know i am not contagious i am just a sickly asthmatic. I wear a mask everywhere I go but I guess at this point saying that is pointless because everyone everywhere requires masks. And I think my vision problems may be a cause of my migraines so I went.

I coughed once in the waiting room and the staff stared at me. Then.. this lady came up to me and said “I need to spray you.” In the nicest way ever kindof motherly but i 🤣 it was so funny. Just the way she said it.. there was no question lmfao.

So I let her spray my hands with sanitizer. And then she took my temp and it was perfect 97.6.

A few people walked in after me and she didn’t do that to anyone else. But it didn’t bother me at all, I understand being cautious especially as a person who’s already risking getting everything from strep the old because I’ve been isolated for so long. It was so funny to me lol

One person coughs and she thinks “oh I need to spray them now. Must disinfect.” 🤣🤣

Y’all I haven’t been anywhere near the general public in a very long time so the way people are acting is kinda adorable