Renting an apartment with no credit ( 21 years old)


Hi girls! Both me & my fiancé are 21 & are both financially stable thank goodness & we are expecting our first baby in November! So we are looking to finally get a place of our own. The problem is that both him and I have no credit score what’s o ever! Would apartment complex still rent to us both? He gets paid cash weekly at his turfing job his boss said that he would be able to get him a notarized letter about his employment with the turfing company! His boss is a family friend so he never asked him for his SS just his license to drive the trucks. Would that be enough to prove that he’s financially stable? I have my own at home day care! I baby sit 4 kids & make a good amount of money weekly. I can get letters from the parents stating how much I get paid weekly. We both unfortunately never gotten debt cards everything we have has been paid off such as our cars, phones etc. I very much regret not getting a debt card sooner! Would they charge us more for not having any credit? We are planning on getting a debt card sometime this week to start building credit for the future but it still won’t be enough to prove our credit score. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks. 😕