Sex addict

So my first time was a week after I turned 16 and after that I had sex almost every week then 2 months after I met my babydaddy and he was older n more experienced n he showed me a lot. We broke up in October of last year n ever since then ive been with around 10 guys... 😦 I don’t know what’s wrong with me it’s not that I don’t want to have sex idk but when I meet someone I’m like I’m tired of being used so this time I won’t have sex but once I’m there I have the urge to have sex and end up having sex then after I feel bad n guilty n used.. I haven’t had sex in almost a month and I really want to but I first of all get paranoid bc I don’t want nomore kids I do have my birthcontrol IUD and it’s worked so far but I still get scared when it’s late and also I don’t wanna feel used but I’m the one that wants the sex so idk what to do.. also I’m clean I do go get checked..