Mo Money, Mo Problems

So I plan on coming into a lot of money soon. Enough money to help everyone in my immediate family- mom and dad (divorced,dad is remarried) and two older brothers (one is my half brother). But before I start to just hand out money, I’d like to make it a requirement that everyone sees a therapist. I would also be seeing one myself and would pay for everyone’s sessions. We have all been through a good deal of trauma, both as a family and as individuals. I’m talking homelessness, substance abuse, and physical/mental abuse. I just think it would be a good idea for us to do some healing before we throw money into the equation. But I’m not sure if this is asking something ridiculous or if it’s not fair. I also don’t want them to only agree to it so that they’ll be able to get the money.

Can I please get some opinions? How would you feel if you were in this situation?