Help with loss


My SIL and I are due March 16th and 17th, and have been sharing in all things relating to our “twin” pregnancies. She found out today that she lost her baby. We’re 11 weeks this week and I know she’s been telling more and more people about her pregnancy.

What are some ways I can best support her through this? She has been so so sick since the start and wasn’t planning on being pregnant so up until this point, I have just been a listening ear. We aren’t particularly close but being pregnant at the same time has given us something to talk about. We both found out at 3 weeks and a few days and have known about each other’s pregnancies since our positive tests.

I’m trying to think of ways I can lift her up through this difficult time. She has two older kids and she is devastated at the thought of having to explain it to them. Any help or advice is appreciated. I’ve walked with many friends through many losses but never while being pregnant at the exact same time.