My Ex Saved Me

Me and my ex had a pretty nasty break up. I caught him cheating over text with another girl. Me and my friends went out to the strip club (I'm bi) and we saw him there. I was looking hot as fuck and wanted him to know what he lost. This guy starts talking to me and after a few drinks I head out to his car to make out. He starts going for my pants but I didn't want sex. Just to make out. I told him no and kept trying then started grabbing at me. I freaked out and told him to get off me and he covered my mouth and locked the car door. I had been raped in the past and I knew what was going to happen. Then I heard the window bust open. My ex punched threw the window and grabbed that guy. He got out the car and they started fighting. I quicky got out the car and took off running and called the police. My ex was honestly losing very badly in this fight. I went back over there and told him I called the police and he took off in his car. I took a picture of the liscence plate. The police got here and questioned us. It was one of the worst nights of my life. My friends also fucking left me! They texted me saying they just assumed I went home with the guy I was making out with. So my ex gave me a ride home. He told me to take care of myself and left.... IDK what would have happened if he wasn't there... They could have raped or killed me... I'm thinking about texting him to thank him properly.