NEED ADVICE !! Baby shower problem


I’m dealing with planning my baby shower date and location and I’m having some problems . Originally my boyfriends grandparents wanted to rent out a hall for me. I personally want to do it at my aunts because she has a decent sized backyard and I wanted to do it Sept 19th while the weather is still nice and we can have a BBQ / take nice photos. As well as I wanted to be in a more comfortable environment. Today he called his grandma, told her the date / place and she got upset said it’s “too early still” and I have to wait until early November to have it even though I’m due November 25. Apparently everyone who goes will say its ”too early” My boyfriend said no I want to make her happy and do what she wants and his grandma said “ Then you guys can do that in sept with whoever then we can have one in November at the hall with the rest of us”


What should I do??

Do I really need to have a baby shower with my side of the family and a separate one with my boyfriends side of the family ?