So my husband passed away in February of this year after he lost the battle of depression

So last night I was just reading and responding to emails and I read one from this girl and in the email she basically told me that six years ago (before me and my husband were married) her and my husband had an affair and when she found out he had a girlfriend she ended it but shortly after she found out she was pregnant and he told her he doesn’t wanna be involved but will pay child support and has been paying her child support for the last 6 years and my husband handled the finances so I didn’t know she didn’t even know he passed she only found out after months without child support she tried to get in contact with him and found out he passed and found out that we had kids together what she didn’t know about and asked if I would be interested and letting are kids get to know each other

I’m so devastated I never even knew about the affair and founding out he had a fucking child with this woman I don’t know what I want to do I’m so heart broken he was the love of my life and I was devastated when he passed and finding out he had a kid some girl and didn’t tell me I’m so mad and sad and you can’t really be mad at a dead guy I never thought he would hurt me this bad and if he had never passed who knows I maybe could have gone my whole life without knowing about this kid

I just don’t know what to do would love some advice

Please no hate 


First of all I would like to thanks everyone for all the support.

So I asked her if she would be willing to do a DNA test she agreed it was positive

I’m not gonna bore you with what are family’s doing just for a bit of privacy.

So when my husband passed in his will he left everything to are kids and me he was very specific and said I want everything to go to my wife and are two boys (not saying names for privacy sake) and didn’t mention anything about his other son I didn’t know about or his baby mama so when he passed my husband left me a decent amount of money that I put into college funds or are kids and to pay off are house I also put money in a savings account I’m saving for an emergency but I don’t know if I should give her or her son some of that money because if my husband wanted them to have some money he would have gave her some so I’m conflicted if I should give her some or not.

Side Note: she did not ask for any child support back or anything so I think her intentions are pure