What do i do


Hey ladies so i really need some help. My boyfriend and his step father are currently in a shared accommodation flat for a few weeks as the flat they were meant to move into fell through. So there is a girl there, 2 years older than us and her mum. Ever since he moved there he’s become distant with me, i planned to meet him travelled an hour and a half to his new area to meet him and when i arrived he wasn’t there as he was too busy talking to her. I ended up waiting nearly 40 mins in a area i don’t know for him to arrive. He then spoke about her the whole time making me feel like i was just wasting time. He then today went out with his friends and when i said to him let me know when your back home safe he ignored me multiple times yet was able to be posting away on instagram. i let it slide them i get a phone call from him saying he’s nearly home etc but hes on 1% (he never lets his phone battery get low when he goes out he always has a portable charger) so i was confused but still just acted normal. He then arrived home said to me he’ll put his phone on charge and call me after. Spoiler- he didn’t🤦🏽‍♀️. He was inactive for 2 hours as he was watching netflix with her and eating and declining all my calls.

Then i get a message from his step dad saying “Are you at the house?” out of nowhere. This is when i knew things were dodgy because the step dad thought i was cuddling with him watching netflix so he didn’t want to disturb. As soon as i ask what’s the fuck is going on my boyfriend rings acting like nothing has happened.

i shouted at him as he was laughing at me saying i’m crazy and a maniac and now i just feel useless. Like why do i put so much effort into this when he finds messing with me so funny?

I really need some guidance on this because i don’t know what i can do 🤦🏽‍♀️.

Oh and as i type this they are on the sofa watching netflix by the way