FET protocol.. is 4 weeks normal?


Since we only had one embryo survive, We just did an ERA cycle that was a 3 week protocol. Those results should be here in a week or two. For that I took Estrace the first two weeks and then added progesterone into the mix for about a week. I had my baseline today to officially start our real FET cycle and she has it set for 4 weeks. Estrace for about 3 weeks then add in the progesterone. I’m nervous that she has added an extra week to the real FET.... when we jsut did a practice cycle that was only 3 weeks. She will be at their out of town clinic on the third week of this cycle, so that is why she’s pushing the transfer out a week. I know she’s the professional, but I’m concerned and don’t want her to be changing it jsut because it’s convenient with her schedule at the potential sacrifice of our one chance with our one embryo.

Does anyone have experience with the same protocol she has me on for our FET? Will having an extra week of estrogen (Estrace) added to the cycle change things or is it not a big deal?

This is literally our final chance. This one embryo is all we have left before we move on with our lives so I jsut am feeling extreme anxiety about the sudden change in the schedule.