Ok where do I start.

I’m 26 year old female, health anxiety sufferer.

Every week is a new thing - right now it’s my eye.

My right eye always gives me problems. It’s been about 5 months with this issue. I always have a red patch in my eye, in the same spot on and off. It’ll be there for a couple of days, go away, and then come back. It’s not a popped vein, it more looks like a cluster of veins all on one spot of the white part of my eye. My eye also feels dry.

I went to the eye doctor about a month ago, I didn’t have the red eye at the moment and it didn’t cross my mind to even ask. So stupid of me because I waited months for that appointment. They checked my eyes but he did not dialate them since I had to go to work right after.

He used the slit camera I believe it’s called and also the handheld light. He said my eyes were fine, I did need eye glasses, but nothing else.

Now with this ongoing problem I’m wondering if there was something wrong, would he have seen it without me even bringing it up? Would he be able to see something without dialating my eye? What would he be able to see with those 2 eye instruments he used and no eye dialation.

Health anxiety is making me think the worst. And I can’t get another eye appointment for another months now again.

Has anyone had something similar and it wasn’t bad? I’m going crazy.