It’s Back


Here I am again to complain about prodromal labor 😩 I always heard of it but thought it wouldn’t happen to me. Well I had it to the point where I called my hubby to come on Friday. It fizzled out. Nothing yesterday. Again last night I woke up to extreme cramps at 3:30am. I got up for about an hour to breathe through them, at which point they became manageable so I fell back asleep. As soon as I woke up this morning at 8am, they started again. I was super crampy, then the cramps turned into regular contractions around 9am. They were coming about every 3-4 minutes lasting a minute. These were a lot worse than the ones I had on Friday, and felt like seriously awful period cramps on steroids. Again, this is my second baby, so I know what real contractions feel like and this was it. They felt like early labor. It went on for 1.5 hours then slowly petered out. Again. Again, I made my husband cancel his plans to stay home because surely THIS TIME it was it. I feel like a flipping idiot. I’m done telling anyone to change their plans, if I end up having a baby by myself in the bathroom, oh well. I’m so emotionally and physically exhausted. I wish these damn contractions would go away until I am actually in labor. I don’t even care if I go to 41 weeks (currently 38.1) if I can stop having contractions that cause me so much pain and stress just to fizzle out. Ugh. End rant. 😩