14 Days Late


Hi all,

So I am 14 days late on my period. I’ve tested last week and got negative. Tested this week and got negative. I am never late for my period. Tested this morning and got a negative.

This week my uterus feels like it’s full or like when you feel like you have to pee that area feels full. I have some crampage. My period cramps are usually super painful and these aren’t. I also broke out really bad at the end of last week. My face is super oily, more than usual. I do have to pee kore often. My boobs aren’t hurting but they feel sore-ish and tender.

I’ve talked to some close friends who have children/babies and two of my friends said they didn’t test positive until week 6/7 as well as one didn’t test positive until a blood test was done.

Have any of you experienced something like this before?

What do you guys think?