Do I tell my Boyfriend that I have been dreaming of having sexual relations with other men?

Hello everyone! need some quick advice rn😓 So I have been in a serious 2 year relationship with my boyfriend and we are very busy so we only see each other once in 1 or 2 weeks...We also were kinda dating 6 years ago but had a fallout and I dated someone else 2 months later. *DID NOT HAVE A FALL OUT BECAUSE OF THE NEXT GUY* only had a fallout because it just didn't work out at the time... *we were still friends through the years* We became good friends and started dating later. I'm pretty sure he feel a bit insecure and gets jealous because I left him all those years ago... but I would never do that now... I really want this relationship to work and I love him🥺😞 I will never cheat on him but I can't stop dreaming of doing sexual things with other men?! *literally what is wrong with me💩* I want to be open and tell him how I feel and that I would never... but will this just break our relationship or grow it?

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