Mind is being blown!🤯 Reality is setting in!🤧


I can not believe my due date is NEXT Thursday!! Like WHAT!?! So many things keep running across my mind like am I really “ready?!?” I’m TERRIFIED😅 I keep asking my husband do he think I’ll be a good mother. I’ll randomly yell at him “DUDE! We having a baby!” Like I just found out. 🤣 (Yes, he’s completely over me) I’ve cleaned a clean house so many times and still feel like it’s not good enough. My anxiety is building and my discomfort sucks. I’m trying to work till the last possible minute but day by day I am more EXHAUSTED. Im so ready to meet my baby girl tho! Seeing all the early babies make me jealous and excited. Lol but my time is near!! 🎉