He left me........single mom of 2

My fiancé randomly one day said he needed to “focus on himself.” He has left me and begged for me back 100 times now. This last time I was refusing but he PROMISED this would never happen again. He got me a ring. We got pregnant. And then one day just left.. this was out of nowhere and everything was good.

He said he wants to focus on himself and do what he needs to do and it has nothing to do with me he just wants to become a different person. It turns out he’s been getting black out drunk every night. Not doing anything responsible. This always happens. We had a talk and he said let’s be faithful to each other and we will work on ourselves and see what happens in the future. Then he starts ignoring me and goes to the bar and is with a bunch of girls.

So I told him we are done for good. But today I texted him giving him one last shot. Letting him know we can focus on ourselves separately and just stay faithful to each other. The reason I say stay faithful is because I’m not going to sit here while he fucks around with girls and then when he’s sick of them get back with me. If all he wanted was to “focus on himself” that wouldn’t be an issue right?

These are our texts from today. Please help me. I don’t know what to do I need all the support I can get