Am I wrong? He was yelling at me because I wanted him to parent instead of smoke weed...

Long story short we were putting our daughter in her big girl room today as I’m pregnant with baby number 3 and need the crib.

While my husband was putting the bed today it was fine in the beginning, but then he started get pissed because it wasn’t working. I told him he put it in the wrong way (I was literally looking at the directions and it says the correct way on it and he did it backwards) he was saying “no I fucking didn’t” and just kept yelling and arguing with me over it - it was ridiculous. I kept trying to show him the instructions but he just kept saying no.

Eventually he flipped the correct way and it went in but it was staying up, so I told him “put the other end on so that it’s balanced and stays up and then screw it like in the picture. He was crying again saying I don’t listen and that all he wants is me to hold it (which I was but it was hard to because it wasn’t balanced). It got to the point where I just walked away I’m like I’m not going to be spoken to like that. He says “this is why we have problems, you never fucking listen to me” I told him we have problems because of how he treats me lately.

A couple minutes later he yells down the stairs “there you want to come and see how I did it without balancing like you said” I just ignored him. He came downstairs after a bit and said “im sorry but it’s because...” he always blames it on something. But I just went back upstairs and we finished the bed.

After our daughters came back from my in laws, we showed her her new bed. She was excited. He said “ok I’m going to go now” so I put her down. She was too excited for the regular routine. I had to leave the room so she would sleep. She started crying. So I went in comforted her then left again. She was crying again...

So I went downstairs and he was literally packing up his bong to go smoke. I said “honestly I need you to help me with this I’m tired as well” not to mention I’m pregnant so I’m like a million times more exhausted lol. He said “well wtf you want me to do? You just came back from her room” I said that I just needed him to stay with me on the couch so we can take turns then and once it’s fine and she falls asleep he can go smoke. I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take her to fall asleep and I just felt like we should both be doing it - especially I’m exhausted and all he’s going to be doing is smoking outside. Nothing important.

He was getting angry with me and said that he needs to sit on the couch because I need company. So I told him “no, I need you to sit on the couch and parent with me...”

Long story short he ended up pouting on the couch on his phone. I did everything and eventually our daughter fell asleep. He came upstairs then and said “she sleeping? Can I see her” looked at the monitor and went downstairs to smoke. I told him to sleep on the couch tonight.

I’m so done with being disrespected. Am I wrong here?

I thought I should add that he smokes every for HOURS. We literally hardly spend time together and we never go to bed at the same time. He’s always crawling into be around 12:30-1:30am.