I’m at the doctor now UPDATE !

Edith • TTC #1 ✨

Hopefully I get good news or relieving news because I’m not sure If I’m ovulating . Even with tracking opks they’re all dark etc update later !

UPDATED POST ! SO MY DOCTOR CHECKED FOR HCG & a thyroid hormone she said my thyroid test visit was abnormal , they also did blood for some other hormones but they checked for PCOS my ovaries are good ! I lost 25 pounds which is good I’m now 212 , I’ve been playing just dance everyday to lose weight !

She said my cycles are very regular no abnormalities and I should be ovulating every month due to me pregnant before & that I have Regular monthly period ( which she did mention sometimes you can have regular period but no ovulation ) but she said that case comes with longer abnormal periods , she said my breast are tender from shifting hormones.

So I have to check my patient portal for my results , I know I’m not pregnant she just wanted to be sure , and make sure my hormones are where they should be which she believes they are . So I hope everything is ok with hormones .