Venting: the sentence: “keep that baby in there”


This may be my hormones talking but I need a vent. I’m 38 weeks today and just extremely done with pregnancy and wanting to start the next chapter of my life, my drs were convinced my baby was coming early since like 32 weeks, yet here I am 38 weeks on my second week of being only 1cm 50% effaced...the constant “am I or arnt i” along with every day being “is this the day” combined with the constant pelvic pain from SPD for the last 20 weeks is really getting to me. Don’t get me wrong I’m so blessed to be pregnant. I’m just scared and want everything to just be over-with so I can start the next chapter. People don’t realize how afraid I am to have a big baby, due to a birth defect that I have that makes pushing have its own complications along with complications that can happen during a c section for me. And a pelvic bone that’s curved and could either help me or hurt me but Of course there’s no way to know till I’m in the thick of it :( I’m just getting very overwhelmed and getting very irritated that even tho I havnt complained at all my entire pregnancy minus maybe the last two weeks, everytime I say “ready when the baby is” I get the attitudey “don’t rush it” or “ keep that baby in there” or “it’s safer for the baby the longer they stay in there” which makes me feel like a bad mom already because no one seems to care what’s also safest for me too.... I want both baby and I to be okay.... anyways... anyone who reads this, thanks..