Recreation or schoolwork? (please read)

So this is a reoccurring thing.

My husband and his ex seem to be going back & forth about this and we (he and I) would like to know general opinion.

My 14 yo stepson is a procastinator. He takes his time off in the weeked, so he's not studying.

He has his hobby on Monday from 8pm to 10pm but bedtime is supposed to be 9pm (as agreed upon by mom & dad) but is delayed on monday for his training.

Last night he still needed to study, he hadn't practiced before because he assumed he would just forget all about it. So by the time he found the right pages and how to study for his test, (and we ate) it was 7pm, then he didn't understand the material and we had to work with him so he could understand, he had 2 breaks of studying, after studying it was 9:30 pm

Because he started too late (by 7pm monday, while the test was assigned on thursday for Tuesday) his dad and I feel like his schoolwork needs to come before his hobby.

His mom, however feels like his hobby should come before anything and if he hasn't studied, he should get up earlier for school to review in the morning or check on the schoolyard with his classmates.

So I guess our question is:

Would you value his sleep and his schoolwork (allowing time for breaks during studying)

Or would you value his 2 hrs recreation?

He himself seems to understand why he isn't going and doesn't complain about it.

His brother knows their mom will get pissed when he doesn't go to his hobby so he'll complain about it to their mom.

(ps: not sure if it matters, but his hobby is purely recreational.)

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