Ive never been able to orgasm. Should I see a doctor?


So im just going ti lay everything out on the table right now because ive made a post like this before and people gave me advice that hasnt been working.

So ive used toys, I have 4 a dildo, and 3 vibrators (even a tiny wand its kind of cute) anyway ive tried all sorts of things to have an orgasm but it doesnt work, i spend hours trying but I cant get close by myself or with my partner who has also tried for hours to get me off. Ive tried touching my clit but I absolutely hate the feeling- which may be my problem. Its just overwhelming and I just dont like it. But i cant get off with what I do like. My birth controll makes it hard for me to get wet which makes it a lot harder though I have a water based lube (which i also dont like the feeling of)

When i was first sexually active i didnt even try to masturbate because I couldnt make myself feel good at all, though now with the toys it helps but not enough.

Honestly should I go to the doctor? I feel like somethings wrong with me.