I need to vent

So I don’t deal with my husband baby mama drama . I just don’t want her to have our address and there is a court order about that my husband has a order against her where she isn’t allowed to have our address for safety reasons . She wants full custody but my husband will not give it to her just 50/50 because he takes care of his daughter.

So she insists on messaging me and as long as she is respectful but she isn’t RESPECTFUL. I’m so tired of the disrespect to the point I’m going to ask my husband to modify the order for her to leave me alone !

She messaged me today and says I hope your daughters get dogged by a dirty ass man and I’m a dumb ass stupid ass weak ass bitch and she better not catch me in the streets”

All because my husband refuses to give her full custody.

I messaged her back and was like “whew your really miserable, I’m minding my business this has nothing to do with me now leave me alone weird ass”

I usually ignore her but mannnn once she said sum about my daughter I was really heated and she lucky that’s the ONLY response she got from me. She said more things... but I ignored it.

Why do some women insists on attacking the other woman who literally does nothing to them ? As long as he takes care of all his children FULL TIME. They literally split 50/50 I’m not trying to be in the middle but keeping these messages and sending them to my husband and let him handle this. I’m Bennett’ and I AINT INNIT.

I’m also 30 weeks pregnant and I’m high risk ism trying to be as stress free as possible.