Follicle Scan Tomorrow.. **UPDATE**

Emily • ❤️7/14/15 💍 4/13/19 💙 Skylar Joseph 6/27/21 💙

Could use some good vibes ladies. Nervous but somewhat excited. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻


Unfortunately, the scan showed the largest follicle at 11mm. We are going to go back to clomid and do the highest dose days 3-7 next cycle. We are also going to continue with Berberine rather than Metformin and add Myoinositol. We are doing a blind round next month because I’m self pay and it’s $175 for every scan and visit and my ARNP doesn’t want me to have to pay that when it doesn’t seem to pay off.

If October ends up not being our month, I am considering taking a break from

fertility meds

until January just for my own peace of mind. Emotions are all over and I know it’s the frustration and hormones and feelings of defeat. 💔


So all morning I kept having tons of EWCM and I decided to do an OPK when I got home - woah am I glad I did! I got the darkest line I’ve ever had!! BDing the rest of this week in hopes that it’ll be our month! So apparently I ovulate later than we thought and the scan was just too early to be reliable! Fingers crossed that this will be our month! Baby dust to all you lovely ladies 🥰