So my the man who I've been seeing for a while got me pregnant. He now wants me to have an abortion and I just can't do that. I have a son who's almost 3 and I've have 4 miscarriages. I can not will not have an abortion.... I am currently 5 weeks pregnant and can't help but be happy and grateful for another chance. After being told it would take a long time and likely still won't conceive and carry. I want to hold on as long as the baby is willing to hold on too... He says I'm being selfish and forcing this on him.... But how... He's trying to force me to abort.. I told him he doesn't have to be involved I just thought he should know. If I didn't lose it naturally I was keeping it.... I thought I loved him but now I just wanna punch him like has a punching bag....

P.s. my hormones are super strong I feel like I'm further along because it but my doctor say I'm only 5weeks.