Pain in right upper abdomen


Sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong group. But I wasn’t sure where to put it. I was woken up at about 3 am from pain in my right upper abdomen last night. It is now 12 hours later and the pain is still constant. It’s painful, but bearable. If this was something serious like a gallbladder or pancreas issue wouldn’t the pain be far worse? I understand that only a Dr can diagnose me. But with everything going on right now I don’t want to make an ER trip and waste the Drs time if it’s nothing. I have no nausea, I am starting to feel a low grade fever coming on. It’s 99.6, so nothing terrible. I just feel achy in my abdomen and the pain is still very localized to the upper right quadrant. I’ve heard women say that their gallbladder pain was worse than labor so I’m hesitant to think this is serious when the pain is totally bearable. Or maybe this is just the very early symptoms? Any advice would be very much appreciated.